Core Program Components

testEmory Douglas, Former Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party gives "Culture as a Weapon" workshop

Program Components

The Eva Lowe Fellowship is a full-time (40+ hour per week) intensive opportunity.  The bulk of an Eva Lowe Fellow's responsibility will be to engage in community outreach, education and organizing around social justice issues in San Francisco. Each fellow will be expected to also work on 2 to 3 projects over the course of the summer.

Previous Projects Have Included: 

  • Helping to Organize Actions, Rallies and Events
  • Interviewing and Surveying of Chinatown Tourists
  • Interviewing and Recording Video Testimonials of Worker Stories
  • Creating a Worker's Rights Pamphlet
  • Create Videos to Promote CPA’s work
  • Campaign Research
  • Presentations to Community Organizations

Additional Program Activities:

  • 2-day Orientation
  • Weekly Reflection Sessions
  • Speaker Series
  • Chinatown and SRO Tour
  • Orientation to San Francisco


Speaker Series Topics
During the Summer Fellowship, there is a weekly Speakers Series, where fellows have the opportunity to meet and learn from movement elders and community organizers. The Speaker Series is designed to engage fellows on different issues in the community and allow them to deepen their understanding of movement building work.

 CPA True Movement Story:  The History of CPA, Lessons from Movement Veterans and Reflections on Organizing Today Guest Speakers: Pam Tau Lee, CPA Board Member and Founder, Gordon Mar, Warren Mar

 Building Grassroots Power in San Francisco Guest Speakers: John Avalos, SF Board of Supervisors and Alicia Schwartz, Co-Director People Organized to Win Employment Rights

 International Solidarity and the Role of US-based Activism and Organizing Guest Speakers:  Terry Valen, Filipino Community Center and Nadeen Elshorafa, Arab Organizing and Resource Center

 Immigrant Labor, Immigration and Immigration Reform Guest Speakers: Andrea-Cristina Mercado, Mujeres Unidas y Activas and Lisa Chen, Asian Law Caucus

The Ecological Crisis: What Do We Have To Do With It?  And What about China? Guest Speakers: Mari Rose Taruc, Asian Pacific Environmental Network and Neil Tangr, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives


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