Greg Jung Morozumi

Generations of Change :: Greg Jung Morozumi

Period of Involvement: 1972-1976

Share a proud moment or work that you did with CPA: My role as a CPA member was to bring student support from Bay Area campuses, and many, many Asian students came from Laney College, SF State & UC Berkeley to support the Chinese community struggles for low-cost housing, labor rights, battling police repression and defending Filipino & Chinese tenants in the I-Hotel. We also helped to organize annual May Day, Women's Day, and October 1st celebrations, including the first pro-China event held in Oakland Chinatown! I also joined the CPA's in LA and NY Chinese communities in subsequent years, while building ties in East L.A., Harlem and the South Bronx, before returning home to Oakland.

What are you doing now – in your work and in your life? Still crazy after all these years--I'm working with the EastSide Arts Alliance, a Third World arts collective and Cultural Center in Oakland. Actually, my activism began as a kid in the early 60s(!), going to Civil Rights demos, farmworker support and anti-War marches before getting involved in Oakland & SF Chinatowns. The Asian Movement work reconnected me to Chicano & Black liberation Movements, so somehow there has been a logical continuum to my current state of affairs as a Third World cultural worker.

Why are you supporting CPA now?
I'm really proud that 40 years later, there is a solid legacy of all the work that was done in Chinatown in the 60's & 70's. But the real reason I support CPA today is because it is one of the most inspiring and organized groups fighting for immigrant rights and workers with progressive new generation leaders.


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