Shiree Teng

Generations of Change :: Shiree Teng

Period of Involvement: 1976 - 1990

Share a proud moment or work that you did with CPA: I grew up in CPA. CPA helped shape my world view, my politics, friendships, values, assumptions about the world. I helped organize the CPA in LA, then worked in NYC and SF. Who I am today and what I know I owe largely to CPA. CPA will always be a part of my core DNA.

What are you doing now – in your work and in your life? I'm an independent evaluation and strategy consultant to NGOs and foundations. I work to build capacity of mostly racial and social justice groups, and work with funders that support them. I'm going into my 14th year as a self-employed consultant and feel very blessed to do the work that I do. My stepson, Aaron is 30 with two babies so I'm a proud grandma... and raising my family is the most important work these days.

Why are you supporting CPA now? To see young people fighting for the rights of workers, learning from the elders, and keeping our community vibrant are reasons I support CPA. CPA continues to water the roots of multiracial alliance building and that's great to see.


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