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Steve Lew

Period of Involvement: 1977 - 1984

Share a proud moment or work that you did with CPA: I remember going to a celebration and 'teach in' on the PRC at the CPA office when I was a high school student and feeling alot of pride in being Chinese, along with an awareness that as a fourth generation CA, I had a lot to learn about our history here.  My older sister Sharon was also involved in supporting the I Hotel tenants and and resisting the eviction and it was exciting to see so many Asian people leading and organizing direct resistance actions. She had died in a car crash in 1977 so some of the last images our family has of Sharon are at the I Hotel blockade, living her life fiercely and fully.

What are you doing now – in your work and in your life? I work with nonprofit leaders through CompassPoint Nonprofit Services as a consultant and coach, in fundraising, board development, multicultural org development and strategic planning. I also stay connected to movement building work as a board member of the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training, GIFT, which supports the fundraising skills of people of color within social justice movements in the US. I also keep working on my own 'ways of being' in the world through co- counseling and non violent communication communities.

Why are you supporting CPA now? Re connecting with what CPA is doing now has been both healing and inspiring - seeing how CPA is moving from protest organizing to visionary organizing as Grace Lee Boggs describes it.  I love seeing what CPA members, staff and board are working on and want them to have the consistent financial support to be able to do their work in a sustainable way.

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