For Our Families: A Chinese Immigrant Woman Tells her Story

As told to the Chinese Progressive Association. Art by Ka Yan Cheung

CPA community organizer and artist, Ka Yan Cheung, holding the comic she created, "For Our Families: A Chinese Immigrant Woman Tells her Story"

On February 24, 2014, advocates from the immigrant rights movement launched a nation-wide Fast for Families bus tour to demonstrate the urgency for just immigration reform. Building off of last November's historic fasts in Washington DC, which included visits from President Obama and the First Lady, this year Fast for Families is taking their message on the road. Clergy, labor, and immigrant rights leaders will cover more than 950 miles and seven key Congressional districts in California during their national bus tour. On February 27th, the Fast for Families bus tour stops in San Francisco for a noon press conference at the Federal Building (90 7th St., San Francisco). To support these efforts, CPA is excited to release and share a stunning visual story about the true story of one of our own member's immigration. This story details the struggles of a Chinese immigrant woman and her family's attempts to secure a better future by immigrating from mainland China to Macau and finally San Francisco. Her story is illustrated as a comic in both English and Chinese by CPA's own community organizer, Ka Yan Cheung.

As families across America wait for the President and Congress to take action on stopping deportations and immigration reform, we believe it's more important now than ever to highlight the stories of real people who are immigrating for the sake of their families' futures and seeking opportunities for a better life. We call on President Obama and our Congress members to listen to the needs of all immigrant communities who have been deported, separated from their families, and struggling to stay in the US: stop deportations and create a just immigration system with a humane path to citizenship for 11+ million immigrants!

Sign CPA's petition to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi for just immigration reform.

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