Immigrant Power for Environmental Health and Justice

IPEHJLaunched in 2002-2003, Immigrant Power for Environmental Health and Justice is a collaboration between the Chinese Progressive Association and People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER) that unites and empowers working class immigrant families to address disproportionate environmental health threats and build health communities in Southeast San Francisco.   CPA and PODER believe that people's health is a human right and we will fight for healthy communities in Southeast San Francisco.  Healthy communities require that we have a clean environment free of toxic pollution, access to quality health care, infrastructure for all of our community needs and dignified jobs and affordable housing that enable healthy living, among others.  We understand that Southeast San Francisco faces the highest "cumulative impact" of health risks--toxic and social--and that San Francisco is a deeply unequal city as a whole.  By empowering working class immigrant families to fight for their own rights and social change, we will create community power for long term social justice and equality for all people.

The goals of IPEHJ are to:
1.    Identify and reduce disproportionate health risks and advance environmental justice for working class immigrant families and people of color in Southeast San Francisco;
2.    Strengthen collaboration among different working class communities of color;
3.    Build the capacity of working class immigrants and people of color in Southeast San Francisco to collectively advocate for health and environmental justice.

1042 Grant Ave, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94133
phone:  415-391-6986  fax:  415-391-6987