Edward Shin-Yen Huang (he/him)

Technology Coordinator

Edward Shin-Yen Huang is a Technology Coordinator with Chinese Progressive Association. At CPA, Edward is responsible for security and the Tech/IT needs of the organization. Edward also facilitates Dinner TaBros, CPA’s young men’s circle that reimagines masculinity by confronting toxic masculinity and patriarchy. Edward is a Han Taiwanese American that grew up in the pan-Asian city of Cerritos, CA. Edward worked for a year at a tech start-up before deciding to commit to community work as he saw the need to work more directly for the community. Edward attended UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and has been committed to social justice work since his experience working with students at Helms Middle School in Richmond. He is passionate about making music, hiking, and journaling. Check out his music at https://soundcloud.com/shinyuyasha!