Hannah Lee (she/her)

Hannah Lee

Operations and Administrative Assistant

Hannah Lee joined CPA as the Operations and Administrative Assistant in September 2018. Hannah first got involved with CPA as a 2017 Seeding Change Fellow where she worked primarily with CPA’s Youth Movement of Justice and Organizing (Youth MOJO) program. Hannah graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Community Studies, where she was involved with a student group that brought together the intersections of faith and social justice. She is passionate about encouraging communities of faith to take action on gender, sexuality, and economic justice, and create spaces for collective healing. Also in Santa Cruz, she helped to organize an annual student-led conference called Practical Activism, which provides political education and strategies  on multiple social justice issues. She identifies as part of the Chinese diaspora, with roots in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Hannah loves to bake in her spare time and hopes to one day open up a social justice bakery.