Michelle Foy (she/her)

Finance and Administration Director

Michelle Foy joined Chinese Progressive Association as the Finance and Administration Director in April, 2018. Prior to CPA, Michelle worked as RoadMap’s Program Manager, an organization devoted to providing capacity building and organizational development to social justice organizations and alliances across the nation. She has played many roles in non-profit, progressive and left organizations for over two decades in finance and operations, including as coordinator, collective member, and currently as advisory board member with the Center for Political Education. Michelle is a member of the Causa Justa::Just Cause and Kendra Alexander Foundation board of directors. Michelle is guided by the mentorship and support she has received from many different generations of activists and organizers from movements for racial, economic, and gender justice; in the fight against the prison industrial complex; the labor movement; and those committed to rebuilding an organized left in the U.S. She grew up politically and otherwise in Colorado before moving to the Bay Area in 1997.