Pam Tau Lee (she/her), Board Chair Emeritus

Co-founder and Retired Labor Educator

Pam is CPA’s Board Chair Emeritus. Pam co-founded CPA in 1972, along with other Chinese American youth and Chinese immigrant elders. In the ‘80’s she was a rank and file hotel worker leader and joined the staff of the Hotel Employees Restaurant Employees Union Local 2. Before retiring in 2010, Pam worked for 20 years at the UC Berkeley Labor Occupational Health Program, where she focused on immigrant and low-wage worker health and safety, spanning both occupational and environmental health. She is a nationally recognized leader in conducting and facilitating community-based participatory research with workers. She was a participant at the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit and contributor to the Principles of Environmental Justice, a co-founder of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network and the Just Transition Alliance. She is also currently the chair of the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines-US.