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KTVU — “Check Please!” Report

March 11, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO — With its legendary culture and cuisine, Chinatown is one of the crown jewels of San Francisco, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. But because of a new report, many people might be shocked to learn
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Epoch Times – 「進步會」慶婦女節談女權

March 8, 2011

【大纪元2011年03月08日讯】【大纪元记者吴雅儒旧金山报导】今年的3月8日是“三八”国际劳动妇女节的一百周年纪念日。6日,位于唐人街的“华人进步会”举行了庆祝活动,邀请了数十位华人妇女畅谈了现代社会妇女面对的不平等问题,以及如何争取妇女的权利。 Read More

Sing Tao Daily — Chinese Progressive Association Celebrates Women’s Day

March 8, 2011

【大纪元2011年03月08日讯】【大纪元记者吴雅儒旧金山报导】今年的3月8日是“三八”国际劳动妇女节的一百周年纪念日。6日,位于唐人街的“华人进步会”举行了庆祝活动,邀请了数十位华人妇女畅谈了现代社会妇女面对的不平等问题,以及如何争取妇女的权利。 Read More

The San Francisco Bay Guardian – Domestic workers celebrate Women’s Day with call for justice

March 7, 2011

On the fifth floor of a building in Chinatown salty porridge, fried pastry, and oranges were being passed for at a special Women’s Day meeting of the Chinese Progressive Association. Of course, the day itself is Tuesday, but as member Wen Lan Rong told me (through an interpreter), in China the holiday is a much bigger deal: women often get the day off work to go out to special meals or outings with their lady friends. Staff and volunteers passed out roses and folic acid vitamins to the females in the room, but the morning played host to a discussion of a campaign that, if successful, could be a much more substantial way of honoring women in our society: the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights and attendant legislative drive.   Read More