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SF Gate — Chinatown’s Slums

September 22, 2005

NO ONE would ever think that beyond the gloriously decorated gate on Grant Avenue marking the entrance to San Francisco's historic Chinatown are thousands of low-income tenants living in slum like conditions. Read More

SF Gate — Sweatshop Crackdown

June 30, 2005

BY LAUNCHING a campaign to eliminate worldwide sweatshop-labor abuse, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Supervisor Tom Ammiano made a powerful statement denouncing a global travesty. From China to Mexico, garment workers — many of whom are young children —
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SF Gate – SAN FRANCISCO / Garment workers protest layoffs

April 13, 2005

More than 100 Chinese immigrant garment workers marched from San Francisco’s Union Square to protest outside Nova Knits Inc., in the South of Market area Tuesday, contending the company has violated federal layoff and plant-closure laws. Last month, the knitting
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SF Gate — Long Overdue Paychecks

March 25, 2005

WITH ONE ACT of courage and defiance, five Chinese Americans have set a precedent for thousands of immigrant workers. For six months, more than 30 employees at San Francisco’s historic Golden Dragon restaurant in Chinatown went without a paycheck, living
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SF Gate — No Sitting Down On the Job

February 9, 2005

San Francisco is famous for food. Yet the folks who cook it, wait on tables, wash the dishes and do the many other jobs that make restaurants work are almost invisible. Twelve million people work in this country’s restaurants, according
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SF Gate — S.F. Program to Fight SARS

May 7, 2003

Leon Chow, chairman of the Chinese Progressive Association in San Francisco, announces a program to help hospital workers in SARS-affected Hong Kong. It will send hospital masks and other medical supplies and money, as well as a quilt decorated with
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