Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE — Occupy San Francisco Sweeps Out the Greed of Wage Theft and Wall Street: Welcomes in the New Year of the Dragon, New Year of the 99%

January 20, 2012

Today, hundreds of community members from the Chinese Progressive Association and the Progressive Workers Alliance (PWA) took part in a national Day of Action with Occupy Wall Street West, which aimed to shut down San Francisco’s Financial District. The day is significant because it is the eve of the two year anniversary of the infamous Citizens United ruling that recognized corporations as “people,” and gave them new rights to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence political campaigns. This ruling by the Supreme Court effectively allows corporations to buy our elections and our politicians, and influences American politics to benefit the 1%. As a result of Citizens United, outside groups spent more than four times as much money to influence the 2010 elections as they did in 2006, the last mid-term cycle. Read More

PRESS RELEASE — Supervisors call for negotiations update on CPMC Development Agreement; New study shows CPMC should contribute more to charity care

December 12, 2011

Tomorrow, the Board of Supervisors will hold a Committee of the Whole hearing to receive an update on the status of negotiations between California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), the Mayor's office, and various city departments. CPMC has not yet agreed to the Mayor's demands asking for city benefits, nor have they been willing to meet with community and labor coalitions to discuss a community benefits agreement. The hearing comes a week after a new study was released by UC Hastings which documents the significant shortfall of charity care that CPMC provides compared to other non-profit hospitals in San Francisco, despite having the highest profit margin. Read More

PRESS RELEASE — San Francisco Will Join National Protests Calling for Wall Street Tax During G20 Nations Conference in France

November 2, 2011

On Thursday, November 3rd, the Chinese Progressive Association will participate in a national day of action with nurses, students, community groups, and the Occupy SF movement to call for a Wall Street Financial Transaction Tax (FTT). Actions will occur in San Francisco and Washington DC, as leaders of the G-20 nations meet in France to decide global economic policies that will impact our communities. As the richest 1% and corporations continue to reap the benefits of an unfair economic system that gives them 43% of our nation’s wealth, the 99% are demanding that Wall Street pay its fair share. A Wall Street Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) can raise up to $350 billion per year in the U.S. to provide living wage jobs, guaranteed healthcare, a secure retirement for all, quality public education, good housing and protection from hunger. Read More