Census 2020 / 2020人口普查

We Matter! Our communities count on us: Help our families and neighbors fill out the Census so that we can thrive.

The census is a statistical survey of everyone living in the United States every ten years. The census will determine how to allocate 800 billion federal funds to each state and community, such as the allocation of resources in housing, schools, medical care, roads, hospitals, and so on.

You can complete your Census Survey in the following ways:

  1. ✅Complete #Census2020 online with your computer or smartphone at: http://my2020census.gov
  2. Fill out and return the printed paper surveys that are mailed to your home
  3. Complete the Census Survey on the phone 
    1. English: 844-330-2020
    2. Chinese (Mandarin): 844-391-2020
    3. Chinese (Cantonese): 844-398-2020


人口普查是每隔十年對居住在美國的所有人的一次數據統計調查。人口普查會決定如何分配8000 億的聯邦資金去到各個州份和社區, 例如在房屋、學校、醫療、道路、醫院等等方面的資源分配。


  1. 電腦登陸人口普查網站:http://my2020census.gov,填寫在線問卷,線上方式的語言服務包含簡體中文。 
  2. 手機填寫,從手機登錄http://my2020census.gov也一樣可以填寫, 請查看以下手機填寫的幾個步驟:
  3. 電話人口普查局口頭填表,電話語言服務裏也包括普通話和粵語。普通話的電話為:(844)391-2020,廣東話的電話為:(844)398-2020.
  4. 紙質問卷郵寄,注意,這種方式僅提供英文版本。居民按照信件上提供的地址郵寄回去即可

our communities count on us/Artwork by Vida Kuang  
我們的社區倚靠我們/Vida Kuang 作品

Deadlines to Keep in Mind!

March 12th, 2020 – September 30th, 2020: Online, phone and mailed self-responses continue throughout the data collection process.

Starting August 11th, 2020: Census takers will interview households in person if they have not completed their survey questionnaires yet 




CPA’s Census Organizing / 華人進步會的人口普查組織

A Complete Count means we build more collective power and more resources especially for our Asian immigrant community.  The census is a survey that counts every single person who is in the US, regardless of where they come from or their citizenship status. The government is required to do this every 10 years, and this data is used for the entire decade to determine how resources and political representation gets allocated to communities. 


This is significant because:

  • Firstly, funding for education, healthcare, and social services programs like Medicaid, SNAP, and section 8 housing vouchers are all guided by census data. Not being counted for these means less funding for the programs that our community depends on to thrive.
  • Second,  the Census is one important way that we can build and contest for political power. Political representation in the house of representatives is determined by the total count of people. Less people counted directly translates to less representatives, which denies us of our full political voices, and puts more power in the hands of few.


  • 首先,用於教育、醫療保健和社會服務計劃(如聯邦醫療保險、補充營養援助計劃和第8段房屋補助計劃)的資金分佈均以人口普查數據為依據。人口普查數據的不齊全,將會直接削弱我們社區賴以生存的計劃所需的資金。
  • 其次,人口普查是我們建立和爭取政治影響力的重要途徑之一。眾議院的政治代表權由普查總人數決定。獲計算的人口減少將直接影響地方代表的數目,變相剝奪代表我們的政治聲音,並將更多的權力放諸在少數人的手中。

Additional Resources/其他資源: