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PUBLICATION — Immigrant Rights Statement

April 18, 2006

STAND UP AGAINST ANTI-IMMIGRANT LAWS! EQUAL RIGHTS AND DIGNITY FOR ALL IMMIGRANTS! Globalization and Imperialism Fuel Global Migration Following NAFTA in 1994, millions of Mexican communities were forced off their land and were given no other option to provide for
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Bay Area WT — No! – Dislocated Chinese Garment Workers Exchange Across National Borders

December 14, 2005

Kwan Tong, Hong Kong – Dec 13th. Youths, workers, community organizers and advocates from the Bay Area WT-No and the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) met with the Hong Kong Women Workers Association (HKWWA) on the opening day of the World Trade Organization 6th Ministerial Conference. Seven former garment industry workers—three reside in Hong Kong and four in San Francisco—shared narratives of dislocation and age discrimination across national boundaries in the district of Kwon Tong.  Read More

CHINATOWN20_053_LH.JPG Qiong Zhen Xu (cq), 84 years old, carrying the 39th mouse she caught in her trap since the month of March. A Chinatown group reports on rampant substandard living conditions in the neighborhood�s rental housing. Photographed by Liz Hafalia on 9/20/05 in San Francisco, California. SFC Creditted to the San Francisco Chronicle/Liz Hafalia

SF Gate — Chinatown / Housing riddled with violations / Neighborhood survey shows rampant problems in single-room occupancy units

September 23, 2005

Qiong Zhen Xu marks her calendar with a black pencil every time she catches a rodent in her narrow room in a small building on Broadway in San Francisco's Chinatown. Using wooden traps she sets each night, she has killed 39 since March in the room she has rented for a decade. Rats have chewed through the lining of a fuzzy jacket of hers and through one of her felt slippers, she said, pointing out the damage. Read More

SF Gate — Chinatown’s Slums

September 22, 2005

NO ONE would ever think that beyond the gloriously decorated gate on Grant Avenue marking the entrance to San Francisco's historic Chinatown are thousands of low-income tenants living in slum like conditions. Read More

PUBLICATION — Chinatown Substandard Housing Report

August 1, 2005

Substandard Housing Conditions in San Francisco Chinatown: Health Impacts on Low-Income Immigrant Tenants Chinese Progressive Association, August 2005 — Low-income renters in San Francisco often live in unhealthy and unsafe housing. Tenants trace the roots of these conditions to the
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SF Gate — Sweatshop Crackdown

June 30, 2005

BY LAUNCHING a campaign to eliminate worldwide sweatshop-labor abuse, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Supervisor Tom Ammiano made a powerful statement denouncing a global travesty. From China to Mexico, garment workers — many of whom are young children —
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