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PRESS RELEASE — Immigrant Workers Negotiate $4 Million Settlement

November 19, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, a $4 million dollar settlement and workplace agreement for restaurant workers at Yank Sing, a nationally rated dim sum restaurant, is being announced by workers and their employer. The settlement was the result of a unique collaboration between workers, Yank Sing, the Chinese Progressive Association, the Asian Law Caucus, and state and local labor enforcement agencies. The landmark settlement not only compensates for past practices, but provides workers with pay and benefits beyond what the law requires while creating a business model that will lead to long term success for both workers and the restaurant. Read More

新聞稿 — 移民工人協商達成四百萬元和解

November 19, 2014

加州三藩市-今日,餐館工人和他們的僱主-羊城,一間受到全國好評及屢獲殊榮的美食點心餐廳,公佈一項為羊城工人作出的四百萬元和解與及工作場所協議。有關和解協議是通過工人、羊城、華人進步會、亞洲法律聯誼會、加州及本地勞工標準執行機構之間獨特的合作而達成。這項具里程碑意義的和解,不僅彌補過往的做法,更為工人提供超乎法例規定的工資及福利,並進一步創建一個能為工人及餐館長期發展帶來成功的商業模式。 Read More

COMUNICADO DE PRENSA — Trabajadores Inmigrantes Negocian un Acuerdo de $4 Millones

November 19, 2014

Para Difusión Inmediata: Miércoles, 19 de Noviembre 2014  Contactos: Emily Lee, Chinese Progressive Association, (626) 321-8238, Mariam Hosseini, Asian Law Caucus, (415) 848-7728, Jonathan Glick, Yank Sing, (415) 957-9990, Trabajadores Inmigrantes Negocian un Acuerdo de $4 Millones
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