Civic Engagement

With the Chinese American population accounting for nearly twenty percent of San Francisco and well over two-thirds of that being immigrants, educating and organizing Chinese immigrants to build electoral power for social justice is a critical task. CPA has plays in active role in local, statewide, and national alliances to increase the civic engagement of working and immigrant families.

Locally, CPA is a co-founding organization of the San Francisco Rising Alliance, a citywide multi-racial and multi-sector progressive electoral alliance. In 2015, CPA formed a statewide initiative called AAPIs for Civic Empowerment with APEN in Oakland and Korean Resource Center in Orange and Los Angeles County to develop the civic engagement infrastructure for AAPI grassroots organizations.

Political Empowerment Campaign (PEC)

The Political Empowerment Campaign (PEC) seeks to increase the civic engagement and political power of low-income Chinese immigrants by developing their leadership skills and deepening their understanding of key issues and their involvement in the electoral process. Through PEC, we aim to build the progressive voice for Chinese immigrants and working families on a local, statewide, and national level.