Youth MOJO

Founded in 2009 by CPA youth leaders, Youth MOJO (Movement of Justice and Organizing) is a leadership development program for high school youth, with a focus on low-income Chinese American youth. Since its founding, Youth MOJO leaders have worked on social issues affecting youth and their families such as healthcare, education, immigrant and workers’ rights.

Through Youth MOJO, youth leaders develop and strengthen their leadership, public speaking, communication, advocacy, and organizing skills. Youth MOJO leaders meet weekly during the school year. During the summer, youth participate in the Youth MOJO Summer Program and the Youth Leadership Retreat.

Youth Leadership Retreat

As part of the Summer Program, Youth MOJO leaders participate in a weeklong Youth Leadership Retreat. The retreat focuses on community building, skills building, and education. Youth leaders get a chance to learn about issues affecting their community and the work that they can do to improve their community.