Tenant Worker Center

When workers organize, everyone wins.

The Tenant Worker Center, formerly the Workers Organizing Center, formed out of large scale manufacturing worker organizing campaigns in the early 2000’s. To date, CPA has helped low wage workers recover over $8 million in owed wages.

In addition to organizing workers, CPA has helped organize low-income immigrant tenants to improve housing conditions. In 2005, through the Chinatown Justice Project, CPA released the Substandard Housing Report, based on interview with almost 200 Chinatown tenants documenting housing-related health threats, which continues to guide our housing work.

Today, TWC educates and organizes low-wage immigrant workers to improve their working conditions and achieve economic justice. In addition, TWC provides strategic services, and advocates for immigrants and working families. Some of these services and programs include wage clinic and the Hospitality and Vocational Training (HVT) program. Read more about these services here.

TWC’s Workers Committee and Network, our core group of worker leaders, consists of workers from previous campaigns and community members. These active grassroots leaders conduct peer outreach and organizing, support in filing wage claims and workplace campaigns, and grow the participation of working Chinese immigrants in the social justice movement.

Workers who have questions about their workers rights can call and request a confidential consultation, free of charge.