People’s Voice Survey

“Being a Chinese immigrant worker in the US is like being mute, deaf, and blind because we do not know English and the law. We need the city to step up in providing more truly affordable housing and quality jobs for us to raise our families.” — Mr. Li, age 50

Earlier this year, CPA grassroots leaders conducted over 600 surveys to Chinese immigrant workers, tenants and youth in San Francisco, including Chinatown, Excelsior, etc, to better understand the housing and employment conditions. Over the summer, we summarized the results of the survey and released the report “2016 People’s Voice Survey.”

Key highlights include:

  • 90% of those surveyed are “very concerned” or have “some concerns” about San Francisco’s housing crisis.

  • 51% of those surveyed applied for affordable housing, but only 12% have received affordable housing

  • 53% of 3-4 person households earn less than $35,151, falling short of the required annual income minimum to apply for below market rate 2-bedroom units, which require earnings of $37,920 a year.

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People’s Voice Report Infographic English