Sik Faan La! Time to Eat!

Sik faan la! 食飯啦 means “time to eat” and is a phrase many Chinese people hear from their family members when food is ready. Food is often a language of love and care. The theme of the recipe collection is International Womxn’s Day, and serves to honor the womxn in our lives who have informed, nurtured, raised, and cared for us.

The following 17 recipes are gifts offered by the intergenerational CPA community – youth leaders, former and current worker leaders, staff, board members, and elders who were part of CPA’s founding. These recipes are love letters, and carry memories of nostalgia, the passing on of traditions, and connection. They carry dreams, stories, and voices of important people in our lives.

We hope that when you read through the different recipes offered here and you try them out yourself, you will be able to connect to the spirit of the dish, and let it nourish, comfort, and heal you – and that the history in which the dish comes from becomes woven into part of your story.

Sik faan la! 食飯啦,英文 – “time to eat” 是每當飯菜準備好時,華人在家中經常聽到的一句話。食物是很多時被用來表達關愛的語言。這美食集的主題是國際婦女節,藉以表揚那些為我們提供信息,培育、撫養和照顧我們的婦女。  

後列的 17 款菜式是由進步會社區跨代成員所提供的禮物,這些成員包括了青年領袖、前任和現任工人領袖、職員、董事會成員,和部份進步會建基的前輩們。這些菜譜是情書,帶有懷舊的回憶,是傳統的傳承和聯繫。他們承載著我們生活中重要人物的夢想、故事和聲音。

我們希望,當您閱讀這裡提供的不同食譜並嘗試親自來做它時,能夠與菜式的精神相聯繫,並讓它滋潤、安慰和治愈您 – 讓該菜式的來源變成您故事的一部分。