San Francisco’s Community Coalition for Safety and Justice Responds to Gun Violence Massacre in Atlanta

San Francisco’s Community Coalition for Safety and Justice Responds to Gun Violence Massacre in Atlanta 

San Francisco, CA—-The Community Coalition for Safety and Justice (CCSJ-SF) stands with our Asian American community in grief, anger, and sorrow over the tragic loss of lives, including six  Asian women to gun violence yesterday in the Atlanta area. We understand these murders  within the context of an accumulation of racism and violence perpetrated against the Asian  American community. It is not lost on us that Asian women are disproportionately affected by  harassment and violence. The deep and long-standing trauma we experience is not a new  phenomenon, but a continuation of systemic discrimination within our country’s history. We  mourn for those who we have lost—their stories will not be forgotten. We stand with our  community and commit all of the resources at our disposal to addressing the root causes of  violence that have taken far too many of our loved ones.  

As violence and terror permeate our communities across the nation, we are reminded daily of  the Asian American experience as being situated within a history of white supremacy and false  narratives that perpetuate our proximity to whiteness. Before the racist and incensing language  of our former president amplified a culture of hate against Asians and specifically Chinese  people, this nation promoted policies that excluded us, interned us, deported us, and  systematically deprived us of resources. And while details are still unfolding and we await news  regarding the motive, it does not change the fact that our community is in pain.  

In this moment in history, our community feels crippled and helpless. That is why the work of  addressing the root causes of violence, racism and misogyny has never been more important.  We must come together to protect our community members and work towards long-term  investments across communities of color that are needed for all our communities to be safe. Community-based Violence prevention programs, community ambassadors, financial resources  for victims of families, education, and other community centered programs must be prioritized  beyond the news cycle. Lives are at risk if community investments aren’t supported in our  government budgets, and violence will persist if it is not addressed at its source.  

We thank local Atlanta-area Asian American community-based organizations for their  leadership during this time and we will continue to follow their lead. We ask our allies to do the  same and stand in solidarity with Asian Americans.

About the Coalition for Community Safety and Justice:

The Coalition for Community Safety and Justice (CCCJ), comprises of four organizations including Chinese for Affirmative Action, Chinese Progressive Organization, the Community Youth Center, and the New Breath Foundation to address the inter-ethnic violence, anti-Asian racism, and build our city’s capacity to create alternatives to safety and justice.



National Solidarity Statement

Community Event:

 Bay Area Asian Community Responds to Georgia Massacre with Healing, Art in San Francisco’s Chinatown

  • WHEN:

Saturday, March 20 at 12pm -2pm

  • WHERE:

Portsmouth Square, Chinatown

Clay Street and Kearny Street

San Francisco, CA 94108

  • WHAT:

This Saturday, March 20, Chinese Progressive Association, Community Coalition for Safety and Justice, other Asian American organizations, and Asian community members will gather at Portsmouth Square to mourn the eight people murdered during the mass shooting in Georgia, six of whom were Asian women, as well as the Asian elders who have lost their lives to violence in the recent weeks. This past week, a Chinese elderly woman and Vietnamese elderly man were also attacked in San Francisco, with the Chinese elderly woman resorting to self-defense. Our community is hurt, angry, and demands an end to violence, and will come together to heal together so we can continue to take action together.

We welcome the community to join: Bay Area Asian Community Healing Event