Co-Governing Toward Multiracial Democracy

Report by Partners for Dignity & Rights and Race Forward

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All over the country, communities are shifting decision-making power to neighborhood residents, students and teachers, workers and tenants, and introducing real accountability to make sure that governing institutions uphold everyone’s fundamental human rights. Partners for Dignity & Rights and Race Forward are excited to announce the release of our new report, Co-Governing Toward Multiracial Democracy, featuring powerful models of collaborative governance led by communities of color across the country.

Co-governance, or collaborative governance, is a collection of participatory models and practices in which government and communities work together through formal and informal structures to make collective policy decisions, co-create programs to meet community needs, and ensure those policies and programs are implemented effectively.

The report illustrates that it is possible to build power and give community members a real say over the decisions in their lives when organizations are able to engage with government entities to change policy, establish a culture of justice, and center community participation.

“Worker Powered Co-Enforcement in the Bay Area: Pulling People into the Fight”

Over the last 20 years, the Chinese Progressive Association has been organizing workers and partnering with city and state government to build a new model to enforce low-wage immigrant workers’ labor rights.

Download the CPA report here // Read the CPA report here

“People’s Assemblies in Jackson, Mississippi: Welcome, What Do You Have to Say?”

In a city marked by centuries of exclusionary politics, Black organizers have built People’s Assemblies to bring local residents into direct democracy as they grow their leadership, shape priorities, and build community power.

Read the People’s Assemblies in Jackson report here

“Restorative Practice in Paterson, New Jersey: Gentle Pressure Applied Relentlessly”

With a clear vision and unflagging commitment, community members have helped move an entire school district from punitive to restorative practices that center the learning and well-being of all children in school.

Read the Paterson Education Fund report here