CPA 50th Anniversary FAQ/常见問題

Visit our website to get more information, purchase tickets, or register for our free livestream here:

How much is a ticket?

  • Individual tickets: $150
  • Community Rate (nonprofit staff) tickets: $100
  • Grassroots Rate: Sliding scale of $20 – $50 for CPA members, seniors, students, and children over age 10. Children under the age of 10 receive free admission.
  • If the cost of a ticket is a barrier, please email

Will there be childcare?

Yes, free childcare is available for children ages 2 to 10 years old. Availability is on a first come, first serve basis and is capped at 25 children. Email or call 415-391-6986 to request childcare.

What time is the event?

Our reception starts at 5pm, and our dinner and program starts at 6pm.

Where is the event?

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103. We will share logistical and transportation information closer to the event.

Will there be a livestream?

Yes, the event will be livestreamed on Youtube Live in English. You can register for the livestream at and we will follow up with more information. 

Screenshot of our event website. Reads "Register for our Livestream" in black large font, and "Free" in grayed out font. Option for quantity of tickets available.

What are your COVID safety protocols?

Currently, we are asking guests to share their vaccination status with us as they register for the event and we will be enforcing masks at the event. We will be monitoring and adjusting our COVID protocols based on public health guidelines as we near the event.

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Yes, fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering. Email with inquiries and questions.

What is being served for dinner?

We will be serving a family style, Chinese banquet menu catered by Le’s Kitchen

Can you tell me about the program?

We will be sharing information on our program including speakers and honorees on our event website, Instagram or Facebook. Follow us there for updates!

Will the program be bilingual?

We will provide simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and other languages requested. Please let us know if you need interpretation.

Will there be a raffle?

Yes, we will have a raffle and we will be selling tickets at the event.

Will there be a silent auction?

We will have an online silent auction where you can bid on fun prizes such as tickets to the San Francisco Zoo, a framed and autographed Warriors print, and more! Sign up for our e-blasts here or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get updated when the online auction launches in mid-March.

I cannot attend the event. Are there other ways to support CPA?

  • Yes! Can you make a donation to CPA in honor of our 50 years and the future we want to build together? Donate at (scroll to the bottom right)
  • Yes, would your organization like to sponsor our event? Reach out to for more information.



  • 單人票150美元
  • 社區票價(非牟利組織員工)門票為100 美元
  • 草根票價:華人進步會會員、老年人、學生和 10 歲以上兒童為 20 – 50 美元浮动费率收费。10 歲以下兒童免費。
  • 若票價難以負擔,請通知我或聯絡


有,為2至10歲兒童提供免費托兒服務,先到先得,最多25位兒童。如要求托兒,請電郵 或 致電415-391-6986 申請




芳草地 (Yerba Buena) 藝術中心,701 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103. 活動臨近,我們會提供更多詳細資料及交通資料


在Youtube會有英文現現直播。您可以在 登記看直播,我們會跟進提供更多的資料。


現時,在注冊時,我們要求大家提供疫苗接種的情況,在活動期間,我們強制佩戴口罩。在活動臨近時,我們將根據公共衛生指南監控和調整我們新冠COVID 的安全準則。


有,有興趣做義工請填寫此表格 form。查詢及疑問請電郵


Le’s Kitchen 提供的家庭式中式宴會菜單。








我們會舉行在線無聲拍賣,您可以競標有趣的獎品,例如屋崙博物館的門票、鑲框和親筆簽名的勇士印刷品等等!在此 here 註冊我們的e-blasts 或跟進InstagramFacebook 獲取最新在三月中開始展開的拍賣活動信息。

我不能參加活動。 還有其他方法支持華人進步會嗎?

  • 有!欢迎您捐款給華人進步會,以紀念我們的50年及幫助我們共同建設未來的希望。捐款網址:
  • 有!您 的 組 織 願 意 贊 助 我 們 的 活 動嗎? 聯絡 ,取得更多資料。