CPA Nov 2022 Voter Guide & Mobilizations!

CPA’s Statement on the Nov 8th Elections

This election cycle, CPA took a stand on 9 propositions that impact our community’s conditions. We celebrate and look forward to the changes with passage of an Empty Homes tax (Prop M), a Student Success Fund (Prop G), and City Elections in Even-Numbered Years (Prop H) in San Francisco.

We are deeply disappointed by the loss of Prop O and Prop E. CPA fought hard for local investment in City College (Prop O) and streamlined affordable housing production for working families (Prop E)

Over the last few decades, CPA played an active role in pushing for affordable and quality education in SFUSD K-12 and City College. We support City College because it is a gateway for over 60,000 low-income, immigrant, BIPOC students every year to learn critical skills, take part in vocational training to seek good jobs. Without the revenues Prop O would have generated, CCSF will continue to face challenges providing for students and training our next generation of childcare providers, janitors, nurses, medical technicians, etc. 

We knew it would be a challenge since the real estate-backed opposition spent a total of $1 Million against Prop O, and $2.6 Million for Yes on Prop D/ No on E.  Our opposition exploited voters’ very real and deeply felt worries around the economy, while being backed and funded by billionaires who look nothing like us and don’t care about things important to us.

Yet, while the opposition dropped misleading mailers and spent millions of dollars, we were committed to talk to voters about real issues. Our Members and Leaders persuaded voters, from homeowners to SRO renters, to support Prop E because it prioritized community’s needs for lower rents, more multi-units suitable for families, and maintained government oversight that Prop D would not. And together, we have grown a stronger alliance of students, teachers, workers, and community groups, who will continue to seek new ways to generate local and sustained revenue for City College in the future.

We are proud of what we’ve achieved—our organizers & canvassers, members, and staff:

  • Created and sent around 1500 bilingual voter guides to the CPA community across San Francisco 
  • Organized a forum to educate our monolingual Chinese members about the election
  • Mobilized and rallied twice at Portsmouth Sq, where our members shared personal stories and the significance of the propositions to them, and we generated media coverage that amplified our positions. 
  • Engaged 1000+ voters on the phones and doors in D3 and D11, and secured over 600+ Yes votes.

Regardless of the results of this election, we know that every vote and every conversation held matter. From first-time voters learning how to register, to the many Chinatown voters who came to us to get more educated about their ballots and how to vote, we saw how powerful it could be when people come together and engage to make decisions on their ballots. 

As we have learned from decades of organizing and building communities, elections are only one part of our work to improve our conditions. After this election, we will continue to talk to our neighbors and build deep relationships among our community. We are proud of our efforts, and committed more than ever to continue fighting for the futures of working families in San Francisco with you all and our allies.



Election Day is just around the corner – be sure to mail your ballot by November 8th, or vote at your local polling station on November 8th.

On Nov 8th, 3:30-7:45pm, Chinese Progressive Association (1042 Grant Ave) will host a Voter Assistance Booth to help folks register and vote in person. Visit our lobby for assistance with your ballot.

Other Reminders:



Tuesday, 10/25/2022, 11:30am – YES ON O Labor and Community Press Conference

Chinatown community leaders are joining with City College alumni, students, staff, & teachers for a mobilization and visibility action to remind the Chinese community of City College’s essential role as the largest and most accessible pathway to quality jobs in San Francisco. Our member leader Angela said, “Many of us immigrated to the United States and our native language is not English. For us to have an easier life in the U.S, we rely on CCSF for the opportunities CCSF gives to learn the English language…. We need to invest more in education for all of our communities in San Francisco to recover.”

Thursday, 10/6/2022: Yes On E, No On D Rally @Portsmouth Square

  • We have all heard stories about people in our lives that applied and waited 10+ years for a chance to live in affordable housing. Prop E aims to streamline mixed housing production and prioritize truly affordable housing. Vote Yes on E, No on D!

CPA turnout of about 25 folks, in a group photo outside at Portsmouth Square with a tree and building in the background. Everyone is holding a sign in Chinese or English which says "Yes on E" against a blue background. One sign says "Yes on E, No on D". Yoyo, a CPA TWC Member Leader, speaks on Yes on E surrounded by other folks holding up Yes on E, No on D signs in English and Chinese. About 40 to 50 people gathered outside at Portsmouth square, it's a sunny day. On the right, CPA's group is repping the red! Folks hold Chinese/English signs for Prop E and No on D.

CPA Voter Guide

Download our voter guide here: 中文 // English

This Summer, CPA members and staff educate and discuss with each other on local and state ballot measures, and collectively make endorsement recommendations based on our mission and work in advancing and improving conditions for immigrant working families in San Francisco. CPA members recommend the following positions to San Francisco voters. Read below for our explanations of our positions!

Download our voter guide here: 中文 // English

San Francisco Propositions

Yes on Prop O

  • Strengthen and support CCSF programs and services, and student enrollment:
  • Stabilize San Francisco workforce education from a decade of reduced enrollment and funding, and reinvest in our community. When passed, the City will collect a flat tax based on the number of units or sq. footage of a piece of land to generate $37 million a year to restore community college programs and services critical to immigrant and working families and youth, such as ESL classes, job training and placement, and classes to support obtaining US Citizenship.

No on Prop D

  • We need more housing for San Francisco working families:
  • Prop D does not prioritize the most needy families.
  • Prop E needs more Yes votes than Prop D to pass, vote No On D so that the better Prop E can pass.

Yes on Prop E

  • Affordable Housing and Good Jobs for our community:
  • Prop E is the only measure that will meet the urgent housing needs of low and middle-income San Francisco working families, by producing more affordable units and ensuring workers who build these units are paid a fair wage.

Yes on Prop G

  • Ensure San Francisco tax revenues go to our schools and students:
  • Excess SF property tax revenue that otherwise would be claimed by the State of California should go into resources for students and schools. We have an opportunity to support SF public schools and students. 

Yes on Prop H

  • More democratic elections in San Francisco:
  • When more people vote in elections, our community’s voices and priorities will be represented and reflected in our government. By moving the Mayor, City Attorney and District Attorney election to even-numbered years, more San Francisco voters will participate in important elections that affect our everyday lives. 

Yes on Prop M

  • Reclaim empty homes owned by corporations:
  • Increase housing stock in San Francisco by incentivizing  corporations that own multi-units building so they rent out these homes that have been left vacant, or contribute towards purchasing existing housing to convert them into affordable housing. 

California Propositions

Yes on Prop 1

  • Our Bodies, Our Choice:
  • We should be the ones making decisions about our bodies. Protect Californians’ rights to have abortions and choice around contraceptives as well as our right to privacy.

Yes on Prop 28

  • Arts and music for our children and youth:
  • Provide additional funding for arts and music education in all K-12 public schools by annually allocating from the State General Fund. Allocate a greater proportion of the funds to schools serving more economically disadvantaged students.

Yes on Prop 31

  • Keep tobacco out of our communities:
  • Defend our youth and communities’ health, uphold the ban on retail sale of flavored tobacco products that passed in 2020 through the State Legislature.



  • 恢復三藩巿巿立大學 (CCSF) 計劃、服務以及學生入學
  • 十年來招生和資金減少的情況下穩定三藩巿勞動力教育,並重新投資於我們的社區。獲得通過,三藩市將根據一塊土地的單位數量或平方英尺數徵收統一稅,每年產生三千七萬美元,用於恢復社區大學課程和服務。這對移民、工家庭和青年至關重要,例如英語為第二語言(ESL)課程、工作培訓和就業以及支持入籍的課程。


  • 我們需要為三藩巿家庭提供更多住房:
  • D提案沒有優先考慮最需要的家庭。
  • E提案比D提案需要更多投讚成票的選民才能通過,投D 提案反對票以便E提案更容易通過。


  • 為社區提供可負擔住房好工作:
  • E提案是唯一能夠滿足三藩巿中低收入工作家庭迫切住房的需求,興建更多可負擔的單位,並確保建造這些單位的工人獲得公平的工資。 


  • 確保三藩巿的稅收流向我們的學校和學生:
  • 加州要求超額的三藩巿物業稅收用作學生和學校的資源。我們有機會支持三藩巿公立學校和學生。


  • 三藩巿更民主的選舉:
  • 若更多人在選舉中投票,則社區的聲音和優先事項會在巿府中得到體現和反映。通過將巿長、巿檢察官和地檢官選舉改為雙數年,更多三藩巿選民會參加影響我們的日常生活的重要的選舉。 


  • 收回公司擁有的空置房屋:
  • 通過激勵擁有多單元建築的公司來增加三藩巿的住房存量,將空置的住房單位出租或銷售其房產,讓現有的住房改變為可負擔房屋。



  • 我們的身體,我們的選擇:
  • 我們的身體我們決定。保護加州人的墮胎和選擇避孕藥具權利及隱私權。


  • 兒童和青少年的藝術和音樂:
  • 通過每年從一般基金撥款,為所有 K-12 公立學校的藝術和音樂教育提供額外資金。將更大比例的資金分配給服務更多經濟困難學生的學校。


  • 讓煙草遠離我們的社區:
  • 捍衛我們的青年和社區的健康,持2020 年通過州立法機構的調味煙草產品零售禁令。

Ballots will be mailed out starting October 10th:

  • To register to vote, go to . Everyone who registers by Oct. 24th, 2022 will automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot.
  • You can register up to election day, and vote in-person at a neighborhood polling place on Election Day, Nov. 8th, 2022.
  • To check your registration status, go to
  • For questions about voting, call the SF Department of Elections:
    • 中文: (415)554-4367
    • English: (415)554-4375

選票將於 10 月 10 日開始寄出:

  • 要登記投票,請瀏覽 . 在 2022 年 10 月 24 日前登記的每個人都會自動收到郵寄選票。
  • 您可以在選舉日之前登記,並在 2022 年 11 月 8 日選舉日當天在社區投票站親自投票。
  • 要查看您的登記狀況,請瀏覽
  • 有關投票的問題,請致電三藩巿選務部:
    • 中文: (415)554-4367
    • 英文:(415)554-4375

Download our voter guide here: 中文 // English