March 5th, 2024 Elections are Coming Up! Vote Early!

March 5th, 2024 Elections are Coming Up! Vote Early!

This winter, CPA members leaders and staff educated and discussed with each other on local ballot measures, to collectively make endorsement recommendations based on our mission and work in advancing and improving conditions for immigrant working families in San Francisco. CPA recommends the following positions to San Francisco voters. Read below for our explanations of our positions!

If you need help to understand or turn in your ballot: come to our office hours on Wednesdays (2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28) from 3-6PM at CPA’s office, 1020 Kearny Street.

Download our voter guide here: English / Chinese 中文

San Francisco Propositions

Yes on Prop A

  • If Prop A passes, San Francisco will release $300 million in housing bonds to fund affordable housing construction in San Francisco.
  • We need more affordable housing for working families to stay and thrive in San Francisco!

Neutral on Prop B

  • Sets a minimum police staffing requirement each year, and would require San Francisco to set up to $30 million of additional funding each year, to recruit and hire. Even if Prop B passes, voters must decide in a future election a revenue source in order for Prop B to be implemented.
  • Public safety is an important issue, but we have seen from other counties that funneling more money to policing does not help with recruitment and retention, and long-lasting safety requires much more than additional police.
  • CPA recommends a neutral stance on Prop B, and will engage our community about better public safety policies.

No on Prop C

  • If Prop C passes, corporations will be exempted from paying real estate transfer taxes when ownership is transferred for the first time, and buildings are converted from commercial to residential use.
  • This does not require the converted buildings to be affordable housing and it will decrease the City’s tax revenue and impact funding essential community services

No on Prop E

  • Prop E will loosen restrictions on police car chases of non-violent suspects, and will deviate SF from state and federal policies. Police car chases are extremely dangerous to pedestrians and other cars on the road, and have caused at least 1 death and 11 injuries of bystanders just in 2023.
  • Prop E will also loosen paperwork requirements for police use of force. This impacts the ability to hold police accountable for their work in the future.
  • It will also allow police to freely surveil communities through camera installations, and test new technology on SF residents without accountability to elected officials that represents SF residents.

No on Prop F

  • Prop F would mandate recipients of welfare struggling with substance abuse to enroll in drug treatment in order to continue receiving food, cash assistance, and possibly housing.
  • However, the City currently doesn’t have enough resources for those already seeking treatment, nor to test welfare recipients. Without having systems in place to meet treatment needs, we will all be unsafe as those in need are cut off from lifeline support through Prop F.


Download our voter guide here: English / Chinese 中文

  • To register to vote,
  • You can register up to election day, and vote in-person at a neighborhood polling place on Election Day, Mar. 5th, 2024.
  • For questions about voting, call the SF Department of Elections:
    • 中文: (415)554-4367
    • English: (415)554-4375

Download our voter guide here: English / Chinese 中文

For 51 years, the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) has educated, organized and empowered low-income and working class Chinese immigrant communities in San Francisco to build collective power and win better living and working conditions for all people.

Our civic engagement work breaks down barriers for immigrants, youth, and working families to be actively engaged in the civic engagement process – by developing their leadership skills and deepening their understanding of key issues and the electoral process. We do this work in close allyship with local, state-wide, and national coalitions, such as San Francisco Rising and AAPIs for Civic Empowerment.