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World Journal – 舊金山華埠多個組織 聲援非裔追求正義

June 22, 2020

舊金山華埠多個社團組織11日早上在花園角廣場舉行聯合記者會,通過哀悼被白人警察以膝蓋壓頸致死的非裔男子佛洛伊德(George Floyd)及其他死於「種族主義」的人,高呼「黑人的命也是命」(Black Lives Matter),呼籲華人社區共同維護「種族平等」,並支持非裔社區及其他有色人種社區獲得所需要的資源。主持這場記者會的華人進步會發出「致華埠社區書」,表示「呼吸乃眾人的權利」,華人進步會聲援非裔追求正義和自由的抗爭。
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Singtao USA – 百人大企業請人 需先重聘舊員工

June 24, 2020

三藩市市參事會23日以10票對1票通過由馬兆明(Gordon Mar)提出的「重新受僱權」法案,要求大企業僱主先僱用被裁員工,才可聘用新求職者。 《三藩市觀察家報》報道,馬兆明認為,當經濟重啟之時,需有公平過程聘回舊員工是「迫切需要」,又指此舉「將有助數以萬計失業工人」。
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World Journal – 就讀的高中沒錢竟關閉…華女挺15號法案盼堵企業避稅漏洞

July 22, 2020

灣區的華人進步協會(CPA)、亞太環保網絡(APEN)等社區組織日前舉行視訊討論會,希望民眾11月公投支持15號法案,堵住加州商業公司財產稅漏洞,為公立學校和重要的地方服務增加120億經費。華人大學生黃幸瑜(Xingyu Huang)說,新移民來讀高中時,學校因經費關閉;家中申請可負擔房6年沒消息。若通過法案,能籌資大力支持教育和住房等服務。
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Know Your Rights: What Workers Need to Know in the Midst of COVID19

Know Your Rights: What Workers Need to Know in the Midst of COVID19

April 15, 2020

華人進步會於三藩市的華裔移民社區工作超過45年,致力向打工仔宣傳勞工權益,以及透過組織社區來爭回被盜騙的工資。以下是一些有關失業金、各項政策倡議運動、以及勞工權益的資訊。 CPA has over 45 years of working in San Francisco’s Chinese immigrant communities, educating workers about their worker rights and organizing with them to recover stolen wages. During this current moment we’d like to share some resources regarding unemployment
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August 28, 2018

In 2013, a group of nearly 100 Chinese immigrant workers in San Francisco mounted an ambitious organizing campaign targeting their employer, the award-winning, high-end dim sum restaurant Yank Sing. The workers, who were cooks, dishwashers, and wait staff at Yank Sing, had approached the Chinese Progressive Association of San Francisco (CPA) in the spring of that year, detailing numerous workers’ rights violations. More than a year later, with the support of CPA as well as key labor and community partners, the workers won a landmark settlement that included an unprecedented $4.2 million in back wages. The settlement also included several groundbreaking improvements that transformed their workplace and raised standards across the board for their industry. This victory was made possible by the courageous efforts of the Yank Sing workers, who built their power over months of sustained organizing, as well as by CPA’s decade of work developing worker leaders, organizing campaigns, and building strategic partnerships and relationships with labor unions, small businesses, service providers, legal advocates, and labor agencies. These efforts led Yank Sing owners to change their practices and agree to adopt unprecedented industry workplace changes not required by law to become a model employer. This is the story of how organizing won. Read More