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Youth MOJO Mental Health Campaign Report: Our Healing in Our Hands

August 13, 2018

Over the past several years, Youth MOJO members have experienced and recognized a heightened sense of fear, depression, and anxiety in themselves and among their peers. In response to their personal and collective experiences of feeling unsupported in accessing mental health services, youth leaders sought to better understand the mental health services that exist for youth in SFUSD and the systemic, emotional and cultural barriers to students’ utilization of services. Read More

San Francisco Bay Guardian — Green-Collar Heat

April 1, 2009

GREEN CITY Local residents, workers, and businesses are anxious to learn who and what will be stimulated by the billions of dollars that President Barack Obama authorized for release when he signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Since January
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Sing Tao — 進步勞工聯盟集會 抗議掃蕩移民

May 2, 2018

五月一日是國際勞動節,由進步勞工聯盟(Progressive Workers Alliance)發起的工人抗議集會在三藩市米慎區進行,反對特朗普政府,抗議移民局掃蕩、逼遷等。 進步勞工聯盟由八個灣區進步派民間組織組成,代表學生、學者、女性、工人、藝術家和年輕人,且種族多元,包括菲律賓、非裔以及華人進步會等。約60名示威者手持中英標語,包括「抗排斥 護家庭」、「拒絕分化 社區共融」、「發展商唯利是圖 小百姓水深火熱」,大喊口號呼籲工人團結對抗。
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Chinese Progressive Association MOJO members

Resonate – Feature: Chinese Progressive Association Youth MOJO Members Join School Walkout Against Gun Violence

April 21, 2018

Yesterday, Chinese Progressive Association Youth MOJO (Youth Movement of Justice and Organizing) leaders joined nearly 200 other high school youth in the Bay Area in front of San Francisco City Hall to speak out against violence. As part of a larger nationwide effort to protest our leaders’ failure to pass laws that protect us from gun violence, students turned out from Washington, Lincoln, Lowell, Galileo, June Jordan, and many more high schools. Read More

世界日報 – 華埠燭光禱告 悼維州死難者

August 26, 2017

兩周前在維吉尼亞州夏洛茲維爾市,一名白人至上主義者駕車撞向反示威人群,導致一名女子海耶(Heather Heyer)被撞身亡。事件引起全國震驚,總統川普三度回應事件,譴責「雙方」,引發持續抗議聲浪。 25日多個華人團體在華埠發起燭光悼念,紀念早前在維州發生的流血衝突。 Read More